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louis and niall start doing the swimming dance and harrys like oh i want to do it too so he does but at that exact moment louis and niall switch dance moves and harry doesn’t notice and he just keeps doing the swimming thing im laughing so har d omg and then after ugh i just (x)

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certain things r crafted by jESus himSELF


aka fluffy loNG loUIS hair

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Niall: Yeah, I have to do an impression of one of these boys? And then do an impression of a celebrity.
Interviewer: Exactly, right, but to make it more interesting, don’t tell us who you’re doing an impression of and see if we can work it out. +

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I’m engulfed in flame 

get this post off the internet

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Anonymous said: what i dont get about this fandom is when louis refers to larry and calls it "bullshit" on twitter, everyone says that management has tweeted it. when liam refers to a manip or whatever and says he's not gay, it's 100% him and he is just being a homophobe. i don't get the logic here. why are people making exceptions for louis but not for him? if they're being problematic, people need to admit it in both situations not just in one


It has to do with consistency of behavior across the board. It’s not hard to figure out. Louis’ behavior is incredibly inconsistent with that tweet. Liam’s behavior is incredibly consistent with that of an insecure person who doesn’t know how to handle criticism.

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when you reblog something risky and dont lose followers


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but she kissed me like she meant it…

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Harry: my sexuality? oh I’m *truck honks horn as it passes by* 

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